Monday, 24 November 2014 10:54

         The winner of the third BEOPS, Belgrade’s Rhetoric competition for high school students of Serbia and the region, was Tatjana Toković from the Philological High School in Belgrade. BEOPS competition took place in the Mathematical High School in Belgrade on November 14th 2014. The decision was made by the jury consisting of: Mila Tucović, professor of psychology, Jelena Novović, professor of Serbian language, prof. Dr. Dragan Radenović, sculptor and philosopher, Stanko Stojiljković, journalist and publicist and Radivoje Blagojević, a professor of sociology. Second place went to Luka Pavlović, a student of the First High School in Belgrade. The third place was shared by Dragomir Mitrović, a student of the School of Theology "St. Peter Dabrobosanski" in Foča, and Marko Paštar, student of the Law and Administration School "Dimitrije Davidović" in Zemun. Fifteen orators participated in the competition: Lazar Mitrović, Vukasin Zorić, Kristina Dedić, Slađana Stamenković, Nina Brkić, Violeta Vuletić, Ana Damnjanović, Sanjin Gerović, Ljubica Milović, Veljko Kovacević and Jovan Jeromela. The participants came from the following high schools: High School "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" in Novi Sad; High School "Slobodan Škerović " in Podgorica; Economic - Trade School "Paja Marganović " in Pančevo; High School in Banja Luka, Geological - Hydro meteorological school "Milutin Milanković " in Belgrade; The First High School in Kragujevac; The Sixed High School in Belgrade and the Mathematical High School in Belgrade. They spoke on four topics: 1.The joy of friendship is praiseworthy, when our friend is even or better than us. 2. A teacher is a judge, an ideologist and a doctor in the classroom 3. Learning means giving up playing, an immediate pleasure in order to achieve a long-lasting joy! 4. Free them. The jury gave the highest marks for the quality of the speech and its authenticity, originality, then message clarity, audience reaction, appearance, persuasiveness, language and diction.