Wednesday, 23 May 2012 21:41
Cooperation with the Russian schools

Our School sent a team of students to the St. Petersburg Olympiad in mathematics in late February 2005. The team consisted of: Marija Jelic, Maja Kabiljo, Milan Vukoje and Milan Marija Jelic and Maja Kabiljo were solving problems for the ninth grade, and Milan Vukoje and Milan Djuric for the eleventh grade. This competition is an analogue to our state competition, the best move further ahead to their federal (All Russian) competition. The Mathematical high school Team participated due to the invitation, outside the official competition, the same as contestants from Latvia, Belarus and some Russian cities outside the St Petersberg area. This Olympiad is specific because the results are shown immediately, orally.

All of our contestants solved two problems within the first three hours and thus qualified themselves for the second round, what is a remarkable achievement. In the second round they get additional three tasks added to the previous four, and another hour for the work. Maja Kabiljo and Milan Vukoje were able to solve another problem during that time. In this way, the Mathematical High School renews its cooperation with Russian schools.