Tuesday, 09 May 2017 09:10 Last Updated on Tuesday, 09 May 2017 09:38
The National competetion in History

The National competetion in History was held at the First Kragujevac gymnasium. There were about 240 competitors from all over Serbia. Students of Mathematical Grammmar School won nine first places and one fifth place. First place was won by: Gajic Luka (II class), Stevanovic Darko (II class), Ivanovic, Jelena (II class), Kovacevic Dejan (II class) Djukic Milan (II class), Kojic Danilo (III class), Luka Jegdic (III class), Jovan Popovic (IV class) and Momcilovic Nikola (IV class). Aleksandar Maric (I class) won fifth place.

We congratulate our students on this result!