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Inspired by the existing experience of other modern countries, a group of university professors and scientists from Belgrade has initiated the idea to form the Mathematical Grammar School. Several eminent institutions and societies have had a particularly important role in this initiative, including The Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Belgrade, The Society of Serbian Mathematicians, Physicists and Astronomers and The Belgrade Centre for Education and Pedagogy.

The main founder of this project was Professor Dr Vojin Dajovic, a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and a professor at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Belgrade. The underlying model for the Mathematical Grammar School was a school founded a year earlier in Moscow, by one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century - Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov.


прва генерација ученика Математичке гимназије

The first generation of the MG School students

Following the extensive preparations and after overcoming numerous obstacles, The Belgrade City Parliament approved the opening of the Mathematical Grammar School on May 17th, 1966, with the main purpose to gather young talents in mathematics and other natural sciences and provide them with highly specialised teaching in their areas of interest. On September 19th, 1966, the School started working with three final years of secondary school. In this first academic year, only 56 students applied to study at the School,  after three official admission announcements. The students were grouped into three classes. In the next academic year 1967/68, 80 students were admitted, forming the four new classes. That year the School also moved to the building in 37, Narodnog Fronta Street (today called Kraljice Natalije Street), where it is still based.

The acting Head of the Mathematical Grammar School in the first two academic years of its existence was Mr Ranko Radovanovic, MSc, who was also the Director of The Belgrade Centre for Education and Pedagogy at the time. In the following two years, this position was held by Professor Dr Dusan Adnadjevic from the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Belgrade.


др Душан Аднађевић

Dr Dusan Adnadjevic

In 1970, Dr Milan Raspopovic was appointed as a Head of the Mathematical Grammar School. Before he became the Head of School, doctor Raspopovic had been working in the School as a physics teacher since 1966. He was awarded a PhD degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade in 1977, with the thesis title "The influence of Ludwig Boltzman''s studies in physics and philosophy". Doctor Raspopovic held the Head of the School post until his retirement in 2001.


др Милан Распоповић

Dr Milan Raspopovic

In academic 1975/76, the first year of the secondary school was introduced, so the Mathematical Grammar School became  a four year school. Over the years, there have been several major curriculum revisions in 1969, 1977, 1988 and 1995. However, the curriculum is constantly developing with a great care, so that it best meets the needs of our students and follows the current technology. In May 1995, the Ministry of Education granted the Mathematical Grammar School the formal status of the School For Students Gifted in Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

After the retirement of Dr Milan Raspopovic, the Teaching Council of the School has elected Dr Ljubomir Protic as the new Head of School. At that time, Professor Dr Ljubomir Protic was also a teacher of Mathematics at the Mathematical Grammar School and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade. It was during this period that the idea to include the final two primary school grades (students aged 13-14) was first concieved. This idea was thoroughly researched, publicly discussed among the eminent experts and presented to all relevant institutions and administrative offices. Consequently, the issues of the spatial expansion of the school building were also raised. The Belgrade City officials supported the extension plans with great understanding.The architectural design for the building extension was finalised during 2004 and 2005.

др Љубомир Протић

Dr Ljubomir Protic

After Dr Ljubomir Protic was appointed as Serbian Deputy Minister of Education in spring 2004, the Teaching School Council has elected Dr Vladimir Dragovic as the acting Head of School. Dr Vladimir Dragovic was a Research Supervisor at the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and a teacher of Mathematics at the Mathematical Grammar School. Following the decision of the School Board, formally approved by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Dr Vladimir Dragovic was appointed as the Head of the School on May 23rd, 2005.


др Владимир Драговић

Dr Vladimir Dragovic

Dr Vladimir Dragovic held the Head of School post until April 1st, 2008. From April 1st, 2008 to June 11th, 2008, the acting Head of School, as elected  by the School Board,  was Mr Srdjan Ognjanovic, MSc. On June 11th, 2008 Mr Srdjan Ognjanovic was appointed as the Head of School and has been holding the post since.


мр Срђан Огњановић

Mr Srdjan Ognjanovic, MSc

Following the initiatives of the Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade and the Serbian Mathematical Society, Serbian Ministry of Education formally approved the opening of the two final grades of primary school within the Mathematical Grammar School in 2004. Primary school grades 7 and 8 were first open to students in the Mathematical Grammar School in the academic year 2004/2005, with two classes per grade and 25 students per class. In this way, the most talented young students in mathematics, physics and computer science from all around Serbia were granted the opportunity to enroll into the highly prestigious Mathematical Grammar School programme already after completing the grade 6 of primary school.

The curriculum for grades 7 and 8 is an extension of the regular curriculum for primary schools, with specially designed advanced courses in mathematics, physics and computer science. Teaching is performed by Mathematical Grammar School teaching staff, including researchers from eminent research institutions in Serbia and academics from the University of Belgrade. When this programme was first offered in 2004, 92 applications were sumbitted from students accross the country.

Over the 45 years since it was founded, the Mathematical Grammar School has received an impressive number of awards and prizes. A number of them were rewarded to the school as an institution, but many more were won by the students and teachers. We have established international cooperation with several schools of a similar orientation across Europe, including the Kolmogorov School from Moscow in Russia, Malmo Borgarskola Grammar School from Malmo in Sweden and the Fazekas Grammar School from Budapest in Hungary.

Many high authority representatives have visited our school over the years. We here mention some of the most eminent visitors. His Holiness, Serbian Patriarch Pavle visited our school on two occasions: on January 25th, 2002 and January 25th, 2005, both times to celebrate the School Day with our students and staff.


The visit of His Holiness, the Patriarch Pavle

The visit of His Holiness, the Patriarch Pavle


Serbian Prime Minister at the time, Dr Zoran Djindjic, visited the school on January 22nd, 2002.


Representatives of our school and Fazekas Grammar School from Budapest

On September 19th, 2006, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Mathematical Grammar School. The ceremony was held in the National Theatre in Belgrade. The number of eminent guests who attended the ceremony was as high as 500. We were particularly honoured by the Serbian Prime Minister at the time, Dr Vojislav Kostunica, who had taken the role of the official patron of the event. It was also our pleasure to welcome other eminent guests, including the Belgrade City Mayor, Mr Nenad Bogdanovic, Minister of Education, Mr Slobodan Vuksanovic, the Belgrade City Education Commissioner, Mr Vladimir Todic and many others. Following this very special occasion, we published a monograph book on the Mathematical Grammar School History. The publication of this book was supported by the The Centre for Official Education Literature. Video recordings from this ceremony are available on this web site.

St. Sava anthem

Speech held by Dr Vladimir Dragovic, Head of School

Speech held by Dr Vojislav Kostunica, Serbian Prime Minister

Speech held by Mr Nenad Bogdanovic, Belgrade City Mayor

Mathematical Grammar School has been granted the High National Distinction status by Serbian government, following the government meeting on May 10th, 2007.


Монографија МГ поводом 40 година

In 2009, the MG school building underwent a complete refurbishment, including the building up of the additional third floor. The school has gained five new classrooms for computer science and IT, two new laboratories for physics, conference hall and a number of regular classrooms. In this way, the working conditions were significantly improved, complying with the highest standards for a modern teaching environment.

The 45th anniversary of the Mathematical Grammar School was celebrated at the Youth Centre in Belgrade on Monday, September 19th, 2011. The ceremony was attended by a large audience, including current and former students and teachers, and friends of the school. We were honoured by the visits of the Serbian president, Mr Boris Tadic, the Minister of Education, Mr Zarko Obradovic and His Grace Vicar Bishop Athanasius (Rakita). The audience was first addressed by the Head of the School, Mr Srdjan Ognjanovic, and then by the President, Mr Boris Tadic. Students who won medals at prestigious international olympiads during the last academic year made their appearance on stage and were greeted by applause and standing ovations. This event was also a premiere of the documentary about the school's history.

The MG school is proud of and grateful to its retired members of staff, who devoted significant parts of their lives to the school: Mirjana Ivanovic, Dragojla Saranovic, Bojana Nikic, Zora Bogicevic, Milesa Popovic, Branka Mojsovic, Sladjana Vrsjakov, Miroljub Lalovic, Nadezda Spagnut, Javorka Pavlovic, Gospava Gasic, Vera Lazic, Aleksandar Cvetkovic, Mileva Vukovic, Hajrija Nesovic, Mira Djoreski, Kovina Pesterac, Milka Sipka, Ljubica Sajic, Dragoljub Jovanovic (MSc), Radojka Isakovic, Milos Aksentijevic, Vera Jockovic, Branislava Vlaski, Olga Dakovic, Mihail Sopic, Vera Mikic, Zorka Djordjic, etc. With great proud and grief, we also remember our late members of staff who contributed to the school's growth and prosperity: Branka Djerasimovic, Slobodan Tmusic, Vasilije Jovic, Zivota Joksimovic, Enes Udovicic, Milan Savic, Mihailo Veljkovic, Dusan Komnenic, etc. They remain in the fond memories of their students and provide the model of excellence to our current employees.

With immense sorrow and grief, we recall our late students. One of the greatest tragedies in the history of the school was the death of our gifted student, Sanja Milenkovic, who was killed during the NATO bombing in 1999.