Visit to the American Corner library

On Friday, 17th March, 2017, 1st and 3rd grade students of our school, along with their teachers of Civil Education and the English language, had the opportunity to meet with their peers from the United States at the American Corner library, and exchange curricular and extracurricular experiences. A group of students from New Hampshire, one of the original thirteen states of the Union , which is located on the very border with Canada, had come to Serbia to get to know our culture, history, language and education. Together with their teachers, the American students presented to us their school, their education system, their country and its magnificent nature, winter sports for which they have earned recognition far and wide, and even their families, pets, hobbies, and occasional jobs. On the other hand, our students presented Mathematical Grammar School, its tradition and its special place in the Serbian system of education. They spoke of their interests, competitive successes, and tastes in literature. The encounter went by with lots of conversation in a pleasant atmosphere, and with ease of communication in English, to our mutual satisfaction. We are thankful to the American Corner staff for extending their warm hospitality to us, and we look forward to the new events at such a great meeting venue.

Translated by Ilija Anastasijevic, 3e


Our students participated at the Science Festival

On Friday, 17th March 2017, our students Mihailo Grbic, Milan Cupac, Mia Mijovic, Momcilo Topalovic, Bogdan Raonic and Andrej Jakovljevic  participated at the Science Festival of The First High School of Kragujevac "Daj(t)e se na znanje". Our students have presented projects that have been done with his mentor Jovica Milisavljevic.


Students of the Mathematical Grammar School are known for making themselves and their school famous around Serbia and the world by winning competitions in maths, physics, IT, Serbian and foreign languages, and even sports. Now they have proven to be invincible even in the field of elective courses, such as civic education. Ten third grade students, the ones who attend civic education classes, participated in a contest organized by the European Union Delegation in Serbia, entitled “If you have something to say—say it.” Our students competed in the category of multimedia, and having chosen education as their topic, they created a website called MgPutokaz. The website is intended as a hub for important information related to summer schools, camps, study visits and study abroad programs. The organizers apparently liked our idea, awarding MgPutokaz a study trip for three students and their teacher to Ljubljana, Vienna and Budapest. MgPutokaz is represented by Anastasija Ilic, Bojana Ivic, Isidora Radenkovic, Mia Mijovic, Jelena Ristic, Katarina Stankovic, Damjan Denic, Andrej Jakovljevic, Milan Cupac i Nikola Stevanovic; as well as their teacher Andjelka Miladinovic. Congrats to the winners!

Report CNN on Serbian mathematicians

The CNN television in an international release, announced an exclusive story on the successes of Serbian mathematician with the emphasis that we have the smartest young people of the world. Dr David conducted the analysis and said that if we take into account the population and social status, Serbia has the best education and the greatest success in international competitions in mathematics.

Vladimir Milenkovic won a bronze medal

The finals of the Russian Olympiad in Informatics was held from the 9th to the 12th of March in Moscow. Four students from Mathematical Grammar School (Aleksa Milisavljevic, Filip Vesovic, Vladimir Milenkovic, Kosta Grujcic) and Professor Jelena Hadzi Puric received a special invitation to be guests at the Moscow Olympics.

Congratulations to all our students on the excellent results and we are proud of the success of of Vladimir Milenkovic !!!

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