Welcome to the Mathematical Grammar School

The Mathematical Grammar School (MGS) is a unique school in Serbia, specialised for students talented in mathematics, physics and computer science, aged 13-18. It was established in 1966, and extended in 2004 to include the two final grades of primary school (age 13-14).

Inspired by the existing experience of other modern countries, a group of university professors and scientists from Belgrade has initiated the idea to form the Mathematical Grammar School. The underlying model for the MGS was a school founded a year earlier in Moscow, by one of the greatest mathematicians - Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov.

About Us

What is special about our work

  • Our gifted students are carefully selected through a specific admission process, which includes a specialised entry exam and the assessment of previous achievements.
  • A specialised curriculum ensures that teaching in mathematics, physics and computer science.
  • Knowing that a gifted student needs a gifted teacher, we cherish excellence among our staff.
  • Many staff members are the former students of the Mathematical Grammar School.


What our students get

  • Small-size classes, usually 20 students per class (which are sometimes further divided into four or five smaller groups for mentoring).
  • Variety of teaching methods, spanning from the classical to the most modern techniques, including mentoring.
  • Nurturing active knowledge, creativity, originality, integrity and criticism as greatly valued attributes; developing profound moral, scientific and civilizational awareness.


Our many successes

  • More than 500 medals at international Olympics.
  • More than 300 medals at other international competitions.
  • More than 7000 students have been studied at the Mathematical Grammar School
  • Approximately 500 former MG school students now have a PhD degree many of whom have received professorships at the eminent universities worldwide.

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