Mathematical Grammar School Identity

Welcome to the Mathematical Grammar School

The Mathematical Grammar School (MG) is a unique school in Serbia, specialised for students talented in mathematics, physics and computer science, aged 13-18. It was established in 1966, and extended in 2004 to include the two final grades of primary school (age 13-14).

What is special about our work:

  • Our gifted students are carefully selected through a specific admission process, which includes a specialised entry exam and the assessment of previous achievements.
  • A specialised curriculum ensures that teaching in mathematics, physics and computer science is delivered on a highly advanced level.
  • Knowing that a gifted student needs a gifted teacher, we cherish excellence among our staff. Many staff members are the former students of the Mathematical Grammar School.

We have a two-way cooperation with eminent educational and scientific institutions, including the University of Belgrade, Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Physics Institute. This cooperation is particularly valuable to us since we recruit the members of these institutions as our part-time teachers: approximately 20 with a PhD degree and another 10 with an MSc degree for our standard programme and as many for the extra learning activities.

What our students get:

  • small-size classes, usually 20 students per class (which are sometimes further divided into four or five smaller groups for mentoring);
  • variety of teaching methods, spanning from the classical to the most modern techniques, including mentoring;
  • nurturing active knowledge, creativity, originality, integrity and criticism as greatly valued attributes; developing profound moral, scientific and civilizational awareness;
  • continuous enhancement of curriculum and teaching, based on our own experience and research, as well as on the experience of the world leading educational and scientific institutions, individual scientists and teaching experts.

Teaching at the Mathematical Grammar School is organised through a departmental structure, so that personnel teaching similar subjects is grouped into a corresponding department. The coordination between the departments is managed by the Deputy Head of School.

Over the last five decades, more than 7000 students have been studied at the Mathematical Grammar School. Approximately 500 former MG school students now have a PhD degree, many of whom have received professorships at the eminent universities worldwide, or become world leading experts in different areas of science and industry.

The Mathematical Grammar School students have won over 600 medals at different international competitions over the years, which is an exceptional, if not a unique accomplishment among all the schools in the world. Apart from outstanding achievements in mathematics, physics, computer science and astronomy, our students are also highly successful in other areas and regularly win awards in Serbian language, history, chess, drama, sport, rhetoric, etc.