Srđan Ognjanović


Mr Srdjan Ognjanovic, MSc
Telephone number: +381 (0) 11 2681-721


Following the decision of the School Board, Mr Srdjan Ognjanovic, MSc, was acting as a Head of School from April 1st, 2008 to June 11th, 2008. Mr Srdjan Ognjanovic has been appointed as a Head of School since June 11th, 2008.

The Club of Economic Journalists awarded The MANAGER OF THE YEAR 2011 award to Srdjan Ognjanovic, the principal of the Mathematical Grammar School, for investing in education. The award was given to him on February 6th 2012.

In a traditional article in Blic titled "300 most powerful people in Serbia in 2011" the principle of our School, Srdjan Ognjanovic, was ranked 274th. The previous year was on the 300th place. As an explanation it is stated: "Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade is a real hotbed of talent Serbian scattered around the world, and Mr. Ognjanovic is the principle of this institution." Criteria which they used in selecting the most powerful were: the financial and political influence, public recognition, personal authority of the institution which they represent, personal charisma and ease of achieving the goals. Based on the decision of the school board and the approval of the Ministry of Education and Science on June 11th 2012, the mandate for Srdjan Ognjanovic was extended for another four years, as a principal of the Mathematical Grammar School.