Serbian language

Stručno veće srpskog jezika

Professors of literature have always had an important role in the life of a young people. Developing a true love of books in them and pointing them to reading and to this type of satisfaction. They also develop the fine human emotions as the basis of their existence. Professors encourage students to think and latter have a proper, beautiful and rich discussion about what they have read. And much more. This is of big importance, if we take into account that the students of the Mathematical Grammar School will be future authors of various textbooks, scientist, professors...

In order to achieve this, and not to neglect the original motivation for which our students enrolled the Mathematical Grammar School, the professional group of Serbian language professors has subtly, persistently and successfully maintained the balance between science and art. That's what we always aspired to, committed to and somehow spontaneously we passed it on to the future generations of our professors. We were bringing up and educating with love, and, often, through mathematical symbols we found the help for the interpretation of art. As a small proof of this are the topics of written assignments and graduation papers that have sometimes been named like this: “Between the squaring of the circle, golden section and a parallel” or: “The fate of books and reading in technological progress” or: “Science as a triumph of life” or: “Mysterious circle in the sphere of my thoughts” etc.

Even though it may seem difficult to draw the attention of students who are preoccupied with writing assignments and exercises, practicing for competitions, international Olympiads, our professional group for Serbian language professors manages to win them over. It was necessary to change the method, look for new ideas and to fight for a special place of art in their lives. What is the most difficult thing for students of other schools; our students see that only as a challenge.

Literary works such as Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, The process by Franz Kafka and The Stranger by Albert Camus, can open an intellectual arena for discussions and imaginative associations. All of this required continuous training of teachers, so that, our colleagues were mostly no less than masters and PhDs, renowned literary critics, authors of textbooks and pedagogical advisors. We actively monitored and participated in professional seminars and conferences. Our new approaches in designing the teaching programs and topics were approved by the Faculty of Philology and Philosophy in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac. And our disciplined and talented students, besides their success in mathematics, physics and computer also got prizes for literary works and achieved significant results in competitions in languages and literature.

Our youngest generations - the experimental classes of the seventh and eighth grade have classes of Serbian languages in the same extent, as in regular primary schools. They show their satisfaction for being students the Mathematics Grammar School in written assignments. They also show their interest in the cultural life of the school and through participation in school events.

The Mathematical Grammar Schools library fulfills its tasks by supplementing the teaching-learning process year after year. All students are members of the school library, and from the literary fund the mostly borrowed books are from their professional area, but also books in philosophy, psychology and sociology.

The interest of our students in all fields of science and culture should really be emphasized. That’s why the policy of the library was to try to acquire the needed books so that they could meet the wide range of the intellectual curiosity of our students.